Teleperformance Group is recertificated with Verego - the world's full-scope certifiable corporate responsibility standard. 

This is the 7th time in a row that Teleperformance has continued to demonstrate leadership in responsible business practices. This year, we have achieved our best score ever! 

For this audit, Teleperformance Portugal was chosen by Verego to be evaluated in 5 areas: Leadership, Ethics, People, Community, and Environment. This was an audit liaised with Teleperformance Group.

These 5 evaluation hooks focus on the following:

  • Leadership: Focuses on the organization's commitment to Corporate Responsibility, its focus on customers, and its approach to communicate this commitment to key stakeholders
  • Ethics: Focuses on the organization's conduct, and the processes it uses to procure goods and services through its supply chain and sourcing decisions
  • People: Focuses on the organization's protection of human rights, as well as critical employment
  • Community: Focuses on the organization's engagement and investment in the local communities in which it operates
  • Environment: Focuses on the organization's ability to effectively measure, report, and improve the organization's impact on the environment

We received this recertification with a sense of honor but also with a great responsibility to improve and do even better in the future.


Get more information about Verego on its website