The work-life balance of our employees is a priority! In this sense, Teleperformance Portugal is always looking for new ways to improve it.

The scheduling process is an exercise in which we try to understand the demand curve and client volumes, combining them with several variables focused on our Customer Service Representatives, mainly:

  • CSRs availability and preferences;
  • CSRs skills;
  • CSRs holidays;
  • Legal constraints.


So the question is: How can we evaluate and understand if our employees are happy with their schedule? 

We start to study the variables that we should have to compose an analytical report that could provide us with the data that we need. 

All the analyzed dimensions compose what we call WSAT – Weekly schedule satisfaction.


Start time Consistency ​

  • People tend to prefer having the same start time every day ​
  • Weekly schedules should start always at the same time​
  • Current Status: 1.24% Full Week and 0.68% Weekdays (percentage of CSR's without start time consistency)


More than 5 Working days per week​​

  • Avoid scheduling people for more than 5 days in one week
  • Frequent occurrences may result in influence performance ​
  • Current Status: 4.20% with more than 5 working days per week


Preferred Schedules​

  • People can define their preferred time to work
  • Scheduling works to increase overlap
  • Current Status: 22.34% with schedules outside the preferred schedules


Schedule Lead time ​

  • Plan in advance your days off ​
  • Current Status: 21.24 days of advance

Weekend Fairness​

  • Recruit CSR’s that prefer to work during weekends ​
  • All other necessary capacities on average will be equally distributed by ​the remaining team. ​
  • Current Status: 0.36% with consecutive weekends


Consecutive Days Off​

  • Most programs are scheduled with consecutive days off ​
  • Exception for projects that work 6 days per week
  • Sometimes necessary to avoid consecutive weekends​
  • Current Status: 10.56% without consecutive days off


Late Shifts​

  • For people available to work any schedule ​
  • Monitor people that are consecutively ending their shift after 9 p.m​
  • Current Status: 4.59% with a third week of schedules ending their shifts after 9 p.m.


Adaptability Balance lower than 20 hours

  • People can work up to 50 hours per week
  • Necessary to keep on average their contract load along 4 month period
  • Current Status: 0.02% with adaptability balance lower than 20 hours