To meet the needs of the clients, Teleperformance Portugal has innovated once again in its latest business model by creating specific Cloud Campus for two of its clients.

These dedicated Cloud Campus are in the same buildings where these clients already had operations with us, that is, at TP Douro in Porto and, in Lisbon, at TP Open and TP Nations.

The main motivations for these developments were the conciliation of Brick & Mortar with the Cloud Campus and the proximity that the teams would have with the original management, maintaining the know-how of the client already existing in the operations.

These campuses were developed with inspiration in the original TP Cloud Campus, therefore having its best practices and the whole design being similar, such as the existence of curved 49 ”monitors, customized work desks, and the replica of some lounge environments.


Don't you know TP Cloud Campus yet?

Cloud Campus is the business model of Teleperformance totally based on the concept of teamwork…in the cloud!

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